Creative WritingBlock (B)11.06.2024Präsenz/Online gemischtFederer
The Drafting of Academic Works (Open to All Subjects)Block (B)06.06.2024OnlineLange
Scientific WritingBlock (B)07.06.2024Präsenz/Online gemischtLange
Online Course: Good Research PracticeSeminar (S)24.04.2024OnlineClauss
Scientific writing in Natural and Engineering Sciences Block (B)25.04.2024OnlineKaluza
Information literacy for scientistsBlock (B)15.05.2024PräsenzHirsch-Weber, Axtmann
Online Course: Scientific Writing CompetenciesSeminar (S)24.04.2024OnlineClauss
Web-Based Seminar on Information SkillsSeminar (S)22.04.2024OnlineKwaśnicki, Clauss
Avoiding Writer’s Blocks in Your ThesisBlock (B)03.05.2024PräsenzScheffel
Web-Based Seminar on Scientific StyleBlock (B)22.04.2024OnlineBlanck
Scientific Writing (Computer Science)Block (B)14.06.2024Präsenz/Online gemischtHirsch-Weber
Academic Writing in Geodesy and GeoinformaticsSeminar (S)22.04.2024PräsenzHirsch-Weber
Collaborative WritingTagesworkshop (TW)08.07.2024Präsenz/Online gemischtSielaff, Schumacher
Writing and text-generating AITagesworkshop (TW)15.07.2024PräsenzSielaff, Schumacher
Crash course thesis and text generating AITagesworkshop (TW)07.06.2024PräsenzDuch
Quarto — as simple as Word and as good-looking as LaTeX?Tagesworkshop (TW)20.07.2024PräsenzWinandi
Python-Art. How to visualize with Python?Tagesworkshop (TW)26.04.2024PräsenzSartori
How to diagnose and overcome writing problemsTagesworkshop (TW)06.05.2024Präsenz/Online gemischtBlanck
How to diagnose and overcome writing problemsTagesworkshop (TW)13.05.2024Präsenz/Online gemischtBlanck
Scientific WritingTagesworkshop (TW)03.05.2024OnlineKessel

Writing: How do you structure a written paper? What makes a successful report? And what about correct citation? These and similar questions are the focus of the ‘Academic Writing’ programme.
The course combines the disciplinary specifics of academic writing practice with interdisciplinary rules for the correct composition of academic texts. In addition to citation, argumentation and text structure, this also includes topics ranging from work planning for qualification papers to reducing writer’s block.

The ‘Writing’ specialisation is coordinated and scientifically supported by the Schreiblabor at the House of Competence.


Learning advice

The learning advice service is the first point of contact for questions relating to student learning and working.

Perspective advice

Counselling and coaching services during personal orientation phases or as part of your own personal development

(Online booking only avaiable for Learning and Writing Advice)

Presentation advice

Win over your audience with an appealing and convincing presentation!

Writing advice

Writing counselling offers the opportunity to discuss texts and check them for stylistic and formal errors.