Learning advice

The learning advice service is the first point of contact for questions relating to student learning and working.

The learning advisors are students themselves (peer-to-peer-advice) and have received extensive training from the LernLABOR at the House of Competence (HoC).

Because: Learning has to be learned! How do I manage to work through the hundred pages of script in time? How do I plan my learning phases realistically? What is the best way to take notes in lectures? How can I structure and network my knowledge?

We offer:

  • Personal consultation with trained learning advisors (students employed at the learning lab)
  • Individual advice
  • Tips on self-management and time management or how to deal with stress during the exam phase
  • Strategies for motivational problems such as procrastination
  • A broad repertoire of techniques for student work, such as reading techniques
  • Cognitive strategies for deepening and consolidating knowledge

The learning advice in presence takes place in the KIT-Library (CS), in the consultation box on the ground floor. If you have selected online counseling, please log in with your student account on MS Teams for the appointment. You will then be called by the tutors.

On-site counseling in the KIT library can be attended with or without an appointment during the lecture period. During the lecture-free period, the learning advice only takes place after booking an appointment.