Shaping The Future

Personal Growth with Future Skills Tagesworkshop (TW)04.06.2024PräsenzEigbrecht, Ehlers
Self-Compassion – Be Present for Yourself When You Need It!Tagesworkshop (TW)29.05.2024Präsenz/Online gemischtKolsch
Discovering strengths and potentialsTagesworkshop (TW)02.05.2024PräsenzSchnaubelt
Experience flowTagesworkshop (TW)12.06.2024PräsenzSchnaubelt
My role in the team – A training in the high ropes courseTagesworkshop (TW)30.04.2024PräsenzWintergerst
The power of serenity: Intuitive archeryTagesworkshop (TW)10.07.2024PräsenzLelley
Resilient towards the end of your studies – a powerful start for your careerTagesworkshop (TW)05.07.2024PräsenzAlpers
Work or Vocation? A Spirited Career!Block (B)17.06.2024PräsenzWinkler
Career Quick-Start: How to find the ideal job?Tagesworkshop (TW)08.05.2024PräsenzReiser
Challenge accepted! Starting into the workforce with a planBlock (B)10.06.2024OnlineSchäfer
New leadership in actionTagesworkshop (TW)09.07.2024PräsenzStolle
The Power of Growth Mindset – How our mindset influences our (leadership) behaviorBlock (B)26.04.2024OnlineMüller-Hotop
Personality and Leadership: Suddenly I’m standing there – and now? Tagesworkshop (TW)11.06.2024PräsenzSchmidt
Re-think Decision Making: Organize participation effectivelyTagesworkshop (TW)29.04.2024OnlineSchmidt
Mindful leadership (excursion seminar to Münsterschwarzach)Exkursion (EXK)23.09.2024PräsenzWeiß
Flourishing in (self-)leadership – A day in the green with the PERMA-Lead leadership approachTagesworkshop (TW)03.05.2024PräsenzKleditzsch
Good leadership as a success factor in change processes (excursion seminar to Münsterschwarzach)Exkursion (EXK)13.05.2024PräsenzStolle
Survival of the fittest? Leadership lessons learned from natureTagesworkshop (TW)24.04.2024PräsenzRösler
Dare to Lead! – Empowerment for your individual Leadership StyleTagesworkshop (TW)12.06.2024PräsenzKrase
Online course: Together against extremismBlock (B)13.06.2024OnlineOpielka
Potential. Courage. Sustainabilty. Shaping the future!Tagesworkshop (TW)21.06.2024PräsenzDecker
Behind the scenes: meet engineers at KIT Campus NordBlock (B)06.06.2024PräsenzSchnaubelt
Taking action – initiating (sustainable) change with the Inner Development GoalsTagesworkshop (TW)10.07.2024PräsenzDecker
Entrepreneurship Vorlesung (V)16.04.2024Präsenz/Online gemischtDang, Terzidis

Shaping The Future: The Perspektivenlabor tests contemporary practices for a successful transition from university to the world of work. Our programmes support you in developing future skills in the sense of comprehensive personal development. Application and reflection tasks strengthen the transfer to your own world and establish new patterns of thought and behaviour. Become a maker and shaper in the world of tomorrow!

Before the transition from university to the world of work, our events offer a holistic assessment of the current situation. We focus on the following topics: strengths work, body awareness (embodiment), emotions, values, goals, flourishing (how do I flourish?) and self-efficacy.

What is your thing? Are you looking for a fast-track career or do you want to find your calling? Our programmes address the following topics: finding meaning in your work, building networks and work-life design. We support you in discovering and prioritising your goals, values and needs.

If you want to lead others, you first have to learn to lead yourself. Your degree programme offers many opportunities for this, e.g. in your university group, club or flat share. We provide tools, training and opportunities for reflection to discover and develop your own leadership behaviour in everyday life.

Everything could be different! If you want to make a difference and are looking for inspiration and good role models, our seminars will show you innovative ways of doing business and new forms of collaboration. You will come into contact with change agents and have the opportunity to exchange ideas.


Learning advice

The learning advice service is the first point of contact for questions relating to student learning and working.

Perspective advice

Counselling and coaching services during personal orientation phases or as part of your own personal development

(Online booking only avaiable for Learning and Writing Advice)

Presentation advice

Win over your audience with an appealing and convincing presentation!

Writing advice

Writing counselling offers the opportunity to discuss texts and check them for stylistic and formal errors.